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Specialised Interpretation Services

Lexis Translations has a team of experienced and highly trained interpreters who can handle a wide range of specialist terminologies such as technical, legal, medical, business and financial technology etc. in the following languages: Greek, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish & Russian.

We provide professional, speedy, accurate and flexible interpretation services using highly-qualified interpreters. We are always at your side to ensure language is no barrier to the success of your conference, seminar, business meeting or business deal.

Lexis Translations can guarantee that our interpreters are reliable professionals who understand the importance of confidentiality and will make your meetings a success without compromising business confidentiality in any way.

Interpretation services

lexis translation metafraseis athina

Consecutive Interpretation

Ideal for events with a small number of speakers. The interpreter is in the same room as the speakers and takes fast, accurate notes of what the speaker is saying. The interpreter then delivers the entire speech to the other attendees once the speaker has finished talking. Consecutive interpretation is the basis of interpreters’ training.

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Chuchotage/Whispered Interpretation

Ideal for meetings with a few participants and also for private meetings. The interpreter is in the room with the participants and interprets by speaking in a low voice directly in the participant’s ear. In addition to language proficiency and speed at working with various people, chuchotage also requires interpersonal skills and discretion.

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Alternative interpretation services

On request, we can even provide interpreting services over the phone or via Skype or video call. This means that we use digital technology to help with professional meetings remotely.

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