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Website Translations

It’s time your website was multilingual!

As you know, the internet has become increasingly important for both individuals and businesses.

A company website is a vital tool which allows huge numbers of potential customers to find out about your business and the products and service you offer. It also lets them contact your business directly

In today’s international environment, translating your website into one or more foreign languages ​​is an absolute priority when it comes to maximizing the visibility of your products and services.  It is the best way to make potential clients feel welcomed to your business. But not only that, a website which is translated professionally into one or more foreign languages ​​adds prestige to your business by demonstrating that you are open to customers outside Greece and are abreast of current trends and developments.  On the other hand, a poorly translated website has the opposite effect, giving the impression of slipshod, careless work.

Lexis Translations employs specialist translators. We translate corporate websites with particular sensitivity to both the specifics of the language used and the business environment and clientele the site is aimed at. We provide translations that allow visitors to your site to gain a complete understanding of your business profile and philosophy and get to know the products and services you offer.

Cost & delivery time

The cost and delivery time for translating a website is calculated using the number of words to be translated. If possible, the texts for translation should be in Word, Excel, Pdf or HTML format, which can be provided by the site administrator.

This ensures that we have an accurate word count when calculating total cost and delivery time. Alternatively, we can undertake the process of exporting content, including menus, footers, and any hidden fields, texts and pages, to obtain a word count and calculate costs.

Factors which affect the cost and delivery time of website translations

  • The target languages ​​(and the total number of target languages) for the site.
  • The volume of text to be translated.
  • The type of text and the difficulty of translating the content into the target languages.
  • The delivery time required.
  • Whether the material to be translated includes images and/or multimedia which will require us to do graphic work.

Feel free to contact us now so we can give you a quote and delivery date for translating your website.